His Way Children's Home

His Way founder, Linda Anderson, and her pastor husband, Tom, have spent much time in the nation of India, speaking at conferences and ministering to pastors.  It was during a time of speaking at an Indian conference that they met a young worship leader named Stanley.  Although he was a very poor and sickly teenager, Stanley had an anointing for leading worship.   Tom and Linda were led by the Holy Spirit to begin supporting Stanley, providing for him to go to Bible School and eventually (unofficially) adopting him as their Indian son. 
It was through Stanley and Sukanya, the young woman who eventually became his wife, that relationships were built that led to the formation of an orphanage in India.
The His Way Children’s Home opened in Bangalore, India in March 2010.   With the help of Stanley’s father-in-law, Pastor Theodore, and his wife, Annie, this orphanage houses many children. 
The first phase of a new building has been completed and currently houses over 20 children.  We are now in the process of completing the 2nd story of the building so we can provide for and accommodate even more children!  .  This is made possible through the generous support, offerings and gifts given through His Way.
Please pray for The His Way Children’s Home, Pastor Theodore and Annie and all the children they love children in India for Jesus!
Fun with "big" Daddy and "big" Mommy at The His Way Children's Home.
Lifting us out of the confusion of earth to hear the solution of Heaven!