About Us

His Way Ministries was founded by Linda Anderson in 1996 as an international, faith-based, non-profit and non-denominational ministry. While our vision and presence for helping and giving to humanity is global, we have a local vision and mission in the Reno/Sparks area as well. At the heart and core of Linda and His Way Ministries is an active desire to live out the love and life of Jesus here on earth by being dispensers of hope. Our hearts and hands are open to people from every racial, social and economical background, regardless of age or family status. Since its beginning more than a decade ago, His Way Ministries has seen thousands of people connect with the Lord and one another, locally as well as abroad. On March 13, 2010, The His Way Children's Home opened in Bangalore, India - another dream realized by the GRACE of God and the many people who pledged their support! Thank you!


Lifting us out of the confusion of earth to hear the solution of Heaven!