Rich with Scripture and anointed by God, these beautifully designed Scripture cards fit easily into your Bible. Each card is laminated with durable lamination to preserve the card for many years. These make great gifts.
 Buy one for $3 or get all eight (8) for $12 (a $12 savings) plus s/h.

Cleanse Your House

Like dust that slips in unnoticed and forms a layer of dirt on your furniture, "other things" can slip into your home undetected.  The awareness of an unseen invasion may "appear" through: sudden, unexpected bad attitudes in family members; lack of sleep and nightmares; inflamed emotions.  You may also recognize that your home needs cleaning if you are experiencing "foggy memory", clumsiness, financial loss or chronic illness.

Daily Prayer

Have you ever sat down to pray and had your mind wander or struggled with how to spend time with God?  Drawn from The LORD's Prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13, Linda takes you through steps to make prayer a part of your everyday life.  Expect miracles as a result of daily prayer!

Healing of Infirmity

One of life's most difficult challenges is when you or someone you love is sick. The Word of God stands ready to bring healing! This powerful tool provides over 30 Scriptures, all addressing this issue. Put them to work and your life will be changed!

How to Hear God's Voice

Tuning into the One who sees tomorrow better than we see yesterday is the privilege of every believer.  Complicated decisions are clarified and peace comes in the midst of life's struggles when we learn to hear God's voice! This necessary guide will help you know beyond any doubt when God is speaking to you!

Prayer Walking

Take action with this guide!  Bring the light of Jesus Christ into your neighborhood and city through the power of stepping forward in prayer.

Renew Your Mind

A daily reminder of the method to success, this tool will assist you toward victorious thinking.

Winning the Morning Battle

Morning blues are a common problem for many people and hit each one of us at various times.  How do we fight the morning battle and move through our day in victory?  God's Truth, the Light of His Word, will shine into your day as you boldly proclaim God's truth and dispel the darkness!