Prayer Team

The Vast Importance of Prayer

At His Way Women’s Bible Study, we believe very strongly in the power of prayer. At each meeting you are given opportunity to be prayed for by a trained and commissioned prayer team minister.  Please be assured that you will be treated with respect and gentleness.  Each member of the prayer team has been given specific instruction in prayer and approved by Pastor Linda Anderson.
In addition to the invitation to come forward for personal prayer, you are welcome to write your prayer requests with full assurance that they will be prayed for.  Prayer request forms are provided and may be put in the offering or given to a member of the prayer team.
Soaking Prayer is available by appointment. To request a scheduled time for personal prayer, please call the His Way Office (775.787.6259) for an application.   This kind of prayer brings healing and incredible blessing!
Prayer Team: Linda Anderson’s book, Handbook for Prayer Team Training is available for purchase ($10) in the His Way Bookstore.  Here is an excerpt for those desiring to become part of this ministry:   
“The preparations that you need to begin this training are a desire and willingness.; a desire to help people and a willingness to submit to the program.  You will need to come to the weekly training classes (when offered).  Homework and other assignments must be completed and evaluated.  Toward the completion of the course, you will be given a Prayer Team partner who you will “shadow” for a season.  This means that you will come forward at His Way and follow your assigned partner as she prays for women.  You will watch, listen and learn from this prayer warrior until you are ready.  Until then, we ask that you do not come forward on your own at His Way Women’s Bible Study to pray for women.  When your time of training is completed, then you will be commissioned and given a place on the Prayer Team.  It is very important that  each person on the team is trained and aligned with His Way!”

God answers prayer!