Serving You at His Way

(Each Leader has the responsibility to work as a director over a specific department)
Teaching Leader: Linda Anderson, His Way Office Administrator and Bookstore: Marla Dye, Conference Director and  Prayer Tower Director: Carole Heacock, Greeting Director & Counseling Ministry: Mary Lu Hensley, Prayer Counseling Director: Nancy Kelly, Welcome & Follow-up Ministry Director and Conference Director: Julianne King, Youth Pastor: Liana Knudsen, Hospitality Director: Lisa Kramer, Connections: Marci Mayzes, Prayer Counseling: Terrie Phillips, Conference Director: Dana Minassian, Worship Pastor: Tamarah Montgomery.

Prayer Team Ministers (in addition to those listed above): Vicki Hansen, Kimberley Manguray, Cynthia McGee, Toni Muetze,  Beth Wood, Amanda Wellesley, Ingrid Lentz, Amanda Flocchini, Sherry Riley, Nina Barboza, Harrietta Basile, Joy Brinlee, Dorie Knight, Vicki Krentz, Melissa Hurin, Angel Sweazy.

His Kids Teachers: Pastor Colton King, Pastor Liana Knudsen, Gabrielle Montgomery